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Alternative Textbooks: 2017 – 2018 Awards

2017 Alternative Textbook Grantees

Congratulations to the 2017 – 2018 Alternative Textbook Grant Grantees!

For the fourth year of our Alternative Textbook Grant, the OU Libraries made awards of up to $2,500 available to full time faculty to support the adoption of an alternative textbook. These grants are designed to support faculty in transitioning to open course materials. Dean Kelly Damphousse (an OpenStax textbook user) from the OU College of Arts and Sciences contributed funds for CAS faculty members awarded through the Libraries' grant program. Associate Dean Laku Chidambarum and Dean Daniel Pullin from the Price College of Business provided matching grants for the College of Business faculty.

College of Arts & Sciences grantees:

  • Karen Meysick, Lecturer, Microbiology and Plant Biology: Dr. Meysick will adopt the OpenStax Microbiology textbook, saving her students nearly $200.00 apiece in textbook costs.
  • Julie Ward, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics: Dr. Ward specializes in 20th- and 21st-Century Latin American Literature and will teach using a combination of library resources and original content for her "Hispanic Cinema Studies" course. Dr. Ward incorporates open pedagogy into her teaching practices, and will continue to involve her students in the creation of a new OER.
  • Krishnan Shankar, Professor, Mathematics: Dr. Shankar was awarded two Alternative Textbook Grants. For the first, he will adopt Grinstead and Snell's open textbook Introduction to Probability. Dr. Shankar was also funded to enhance the functionality of WeBWork, and open source online homework and grading system for mathematics students.
  • Heather Ketchum, Associate Professor, Biology: Dr. Ketchum has been using an open textbook since 2014. Her Alternative Textbook Grant will allow her to add an index to her heavily modified OpenStax textbook, enabling students with print versions of the book to quickly locate the material they need. 
  •  Kimball Martin, Mathematics: Dr Martin will create an original OER for students in his "Introduction to Number Theory" class.
  • Phil Gibson, Associate Professor, Microbiology and Plant Biology: Dr. Gibson will be creating a lab manual for students in his "Evolution, Ecology, and Diversity" class.
  • Kyungwon Koh, Assistant Professor, Library and Information Studies: Dr. Koh will be using her grant to create an open textbook for her class, "Makerspaces: Theory and Practice." 
  • Kathleen Crowther, Associate Professor, History of Science: Dr. Crowther will create a more effective resource for her "History of Science to the Age of Newton" students by migrating original content to, creating new material, and adding interactivity to the site in the form of videos, role playing, and interactive texts.
  • Suzanne Moon, Associate Professor, History of Science: Because existing textbooks are a poor fit for Dr. Moon's "Science and Technology in Asian History" class, she will be using her grant funds to create an openly licensed textbook that provides an introduction to the history of science in Asia without assuming any area studies background on the part of students.
  • Susan Nash, Adjunct Professor, Human Relations: Dr. Susan Nash, a second-time ATG grantee, will create an openly licensed, original text for her class, "Change, Challenge, and Creativity in the Workplace." Dr. Nash completed two open textbooks during the 2015-2016 grant cycle.
  • Mark Norris, Assistant Professor, Modern Languages, Literatures, and Linguistics: Finding a traditional textbook difficult to work with, Dr. Norris will be creating openly available problem sets, short readings summarizing important concepts, and videos to accompany the readings for students in his "Syntax" class.
  • William Kurlinkus, Assistant Professor, English: Dr. Kurlinkas will create his own materials mixed with existing openly licensed works for his "Technical Writing" class.
  • Darin Davis, Instructor, Classics and Letters: Dr. Darin Davis continues to hold costs down for his students by using library resources instead of traditional textbooks. Dr. Davis will be eliminating three textbooks for his "Gods and Heroes" class by using library databases, primary source material, and online sources.

Price College of Business Grantees:

  • Ron Bolen, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: Dr. Bolen will be saving students in his "The Entrepreneurial Process" class money by creating original course materials, as well as bringing in cases from the public domain.
  • Marcus Wolfe, Assistant Professor, Entrepreneurship and Economic Development: Dr. Wolfe will significantly lower costs for his students by moving from a traditional textbook to a low cost ebook. As a result, students in his "Business Strategy and Policy" class can expect to save over $300.00 each.

Gallogly College of Engineering Grantee:

  • Chad Davis, Instructor, Electrical and Computer Engineering: Dr. Davis has proven to be a prolific OER creator, and an outstanding advocate for "open!" This year, Dr. Davis will be writing an open textbook for his class "Introduction to Basic Principles of Electromechanical Systems." In the 2016 – 2017 grant cycle, Dr. Davis created two original open textbooks, one on A.C. circuits and another on D.C. circuits.

Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts Grantee:

  • Kenneth Haltman, H. Russell Pitman Professor of Art History, School of Fine Arts: Dr. Haltman will be working with the OU Libraries Leganto system (in concert with to create course readings for his "Understanding Art: American Art History" class. As a second time grantee, Dr. Haltman continues to be mindful of the cost of traditional textbooks in his discipline.

Jeannine Rainbolt College of Education Grantee:

  • Maeghan Hennessey, Associate Professor, Educational Psychology: Dr. Hennessey specializes in instructional psychology and technology and will use her award to adopt and create materials for a doctoral-level course about instrument development.