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Alternative Textbooks: Grant Support & Services

2018 Alternative Textbook Grant Application

The Alternative Textbook Grant application has closed for the 2018-2019 cycle. Awards will be announced by 3/26/2018.


The University Libraries provide support and services to Alternative Textbook grantees. In return, grantees agree to specific terms.

The level of support and the grantee terms are based on four different categories:

  • Are you replacing your textbook with an OER of your own creation (Category 4: CREATION)
  • Are you replacing your textbook with existing OER that you will be modifying? (Category 3: MODIFICATION)
  • Are you replacing your textbook with existing OER? (Category 2: ADOPTION)

These categories are not rigid; Categories 3 and 4 (Adaptation and Creation) may especially be fluid.

The chart below outlines the support the Libraries will provide and the terms to which grantees will agree. You can also view a larger version of this chart and read additional explanations of the categories.              

Type of Textbook Replacement
Library Provides Category 1:
Category 2:
Category 3:
Funding ($250-$2500)
Orientation workshop
Creative Commons License support
Print on demand services
Copyright clearance assistance  
Stable repository platform
Assistance modifying existing OER  
Workflow for authoring and publishing    
Cover design    
Services of a project manager  
Services of a librarian liaison
Grantee Agrees To Category 2:
Category 3:
Category 4:
Access to student feedback
Willingness to share experiences
Attendance at orientation workshop
Terms of license on adopted materials
License content with a Creative Commons license  
Upload to SHAREOK
Use the Libraries' publishing workflow