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Library Resources in Canvas

This guide provides instructions for adding library databases, links, videos, and other materials to Canvas courses.

Link to an Article

The best way to add an article to your Canvas course is to link to the article using a permalink, or permanent link. It is better to link to an article rather than upload a PDF because linking to an article allows the library to record use counts for our subscriptions.

Below are instructions for finding permanent links to articles from several of our top database hosts.


  • Open the Actions drop-down menu from the View It or Details tabs under the article
  • Select Permalink




  • Click Permalink in the tools menu on an article’s record page.






  • On the article’s record page, scroll to the bottom of the details table to find the field labeled Document URL.


Other Publishers

  • Insert the library’s proxy prefix in front of a publisher URL.
  • Proxy prefix:


Link to a Database

Finding a Database Permalink

  • Search for a database in the OU Libraries Databases & E-Reference list
  • Under the More Information link there is a Permalink for the database. (This permalink includes the library's proxy prefix that makes it possible for off-campus users to sign-in before using the database.)
  • Copy this permalink and reuse in Canvas



Adding an External URL in Canvas

  • On your module page, click the + to add a new item
  • In the box that opens, use the drop-down box to select to add an external URL
  • Paste the permalink URL from the OU Libraries databases list
  • Tick the box to choose to load in a new tab