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Open Access : SHAREOK

University of Oklahoma's Institutional Repository



SHAREOK is the joint institutional repository for the OU and OSU Libraries.  It serves as the home for the intellectual output of both communities.  It will ultimately include digital dissertations, faculty publications, digital special collections, open access publications, open educational resources and much more.


What is an institutional repository?

The Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC) defines an institutional repository as “digital collections that capture and preserve the intellectual output of university communities.” Institutional repositories provide a way for university authors to provide broader access to their publications.

OU Libraries offers an institutional repository, SHAREOK.  SHAREOK is the shared institutional repository for OU and OSU, preserving the intellectual output of both universities.

Why would I want to put my work into SHAREOK?

SHAREOK will give your work a persistent URL (reference URL) that will not break if a server gets moved or changed, and that you can share with colleagues or students. It will allow others to reach your material without error. Materials will be indexed in major search engines, thus increasing use and possible citation.

How do I contribute to SHAREOK?

Explore our SHAREOK libguide to learn more.