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Alternative Textbooks: Diana Bairaktarova - AME

Dr. Diana Bairaktarova - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Diana Bairaktarova, Assistant Professor, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering is crating a custom textbook solution for her students.   

  • AME 2213 ThermodynamicsDr. Diana Bairaktarova
  • Alternative Textbook - customized solution
    • Previous textbook: Thermodynamics- An Engineering Approach
    • Cost: $ 217.00


Process:  After initial meetings with the OER team (Stacy and Cody) and Dr. Bairaktarova and her team (Brian Wanezek and Gene Illchev), the OER team created an initial set of open content resources for Dr. Bairaktarova to review.  She had also found resources through professional organizations.
For the custom book, she will primarily use content from

  • Dr. Israel Urieli - Ohio University - Graphical Thermodynamics HTML textbook - Thermodynamics Graphical Homepage.
  • Supplemental assessments will be created by Dr. Bairaktarova and Brian using additional content from open sources, with website design and support from Gene. The textbook is available on her website.  

Full list of open resources from initial research for this project.


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