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Alternative Textbooks: Kurt Gramoll - Engineering

Dr. Kurt Gramoll - Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Dr. Kurt Gramoll, Robert Hughes Centennial Professor of Engineering, Department of Aerospace and Mechanical 

Engineering,  has been voted both Most Outstanding and Most Challenging Professor by the AME students.  Dr. Gramoll has created his own textbooks and course materials and shares them openly with faculty and students.  As Director of the Engineering Media Lab, he has developed both the content and the delivery platform for  eCourses, designed to support educational content for six basic engineering courses.  His ebooks have been adopted by over twenty faculty to support their courses, both at OU and other universities.  Find out more about his eBooks at his faculty adoption page. 



Image of tablet cartFor the Alternative Textbook Grant, Dr. Gramoll is implementing a tablet-based assesssment model, using the online testing, analytics and grading tools he created for his eCourses.  He will pilot the use of tables in AME 3143 Solid Mechanics and AME 3153 Fluid Mechanics in the Fall of 2014


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