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Data Resources: OU Libraries DATA Grant

Data Acquisition and Transmission Award

The University of Oklahoma Libraries welcomes grant applications for its DATA program—Dataset Acquisition and Transmission Award ( All University of Oklahoma-Norman affiliated faculty, staff, and students can apply for commercial datasets that the Libraries can acquire and make available to campus. This initiative will bolster campus research and teaching efforts as well as the Libraries’ abilities to serve the campus research community.


All OU-Norman affiliated faculty, staff, and students may apply for a grant.


The maximum grant award for a project is $5,000 per academic year.  For requests above this amount, applicants are encouraged to pursue internal or external supplemental funding, and to work closely with Libraries personnel in the acquisition process.  In the case of multiple individuals requesting a dataset, each individual can be credited with a portion of the grant.

Acquisition/Licensing Data

The DATA program is designed to acquire datasets that can be purchased on a one-time basis and that can be distributed for wide use across campus. Applications requiring a subscription to access data on a temporary basis will be considered if funds allow.

After a decision has been made, OU Libraries will work with vendors to purchase the data. Please note that there is a possibility that the Libraries may not be able to acquire the data due to incompatible licensing agreements, restricted data, final cost, or other reasons.


All recipients must agree to give a presentation that describes how the data was used in the project and/or classroom, to acknowledge OU Libraries in publications based on the dataset, and to submit, at minimum, a citation/abstract to

DATA Application 

If you encounter issues with this form and need assistance, please contact Dr. Mark Laufersweiler

Past Awardees