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A guide to books for research and study in the History of Science, Technology & Medicine (HSTM) at OU

About this Guide

This Guide includes:

  • basic secondary sources in the field (reference works, introductory texts, surveys), as well as select advanced studies
  • guides to primary sources as well as modern editions of select works and authors
  • links to sites with more info about History of Science at OU, as well as tips on searching, research, and writing in this field  

See: History, Science,Technology & Medicine: Searching Guide for strategies for searching for library materials in this topic

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Guide Content


  • Reference: research support materials like bibliographies, dictionaries, and encyclopedias. These can be useful as introductions to topics as well as guides to scholarship in particular areas of study
  • About History of Science: books about History of Science as a field of study, including works on historical methods, classic texts, thematic readers showcasing recent scholarship, and other topics.
  • Award Winning Books:  books that have been awarded prestigious prizes. These include scholarly works as well as books meant for a broad readership. 
  • Faculty Books: books by current and past faculty, visiting scholars, and History of Science Department degree recipients
  • Introductory Works: books providing introductions to a wide range of topics in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine. Organized by Publishers' Series, Periods/PlacesScientific Disciplines,Topics
  • Notable & Advanced Series books that are a part of publishers' series related to the History of Science, Technology & Medicine
  • Primary Sources: guides for finding original research materials. This includes guides to locating primary source materials like scientists' writings, as well as examples of the the variety of resources available (books, correspondence, diaries) and types of format (archival, digital, print). Organized by Guides, Local Collections, Microforms,  Scientists' WritingsThematic Collections
  • Internet: links to select online resources available beyond OU libraries

Searching for Topics


  • Search Discover Local & Databases. For tips on how to search these to find materials in History of Science, see Searching Guide.
  • Do a keyword search in the "Search Guides" box on the main Lib Guide page
  • Browse pages in this guide which have topic areas, like Introductory Works - Sci Disciplines (featuring beginning texts and surveys in History of Astronomy and History of Medicine), or Reference (featuring resources organized by time period, scientific disciplines, and other themes).

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