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HIST 1483 - History of the United States: 1492-1865: Revolutionary America

This guide will help you find materials for your research paper for HIST 1483.

Primary Sources

A primary source is usually a record made at the time of an event by participants or by firsthand observers. Examples include:

  • contemporary newspaper or magazine accounts
  • books that contain personal writings such as diaries
  • government reports

These resources can help you discover primary sources for Revolutionary America, but also remember that because historians cite their primary sources, look at their bibliographies to locate sources for your own paper.

Also see for a list of primary sources available on the web.

Secondary Sources

Secondary sources are materials written by historians using primary sources. Examples include:

  • books
  • journal articles

These resources can help you find secondary sources for your paper:

Additional Information


See the digital archive of student papers from previous semesters of this course:

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