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SPRING 2013 HIST 1493: 010: U.S., 1865-Present. Professor David Wrobel: Home / Contact

This guide will help you find materials for your research paper for Professor Wrobel's SPRING 2013 HIST 1493 class.

History Librarian

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Laurie Scrivener
Office:Western History Collections, Monnet Hall, Room 300 | Phone: 405.325.1903 | Email:

Welcome Students!

This guide will help you find materials for your research paper assignment for Professor Wrobel's HIST 1493 class.

A truly astounding range of original materials for historical research is available to you through OU libraries. Books, journals, photographs, audio and visual recordings, manuscripts, personal papers and institutional records are held in a variety of locations on campus:

  • in Bizzell or a branch library
  • in one of our Special Collections (Western History/History of Science) 
  • in our Government Documents Collection.

Additionally, thousands of digital materials are available to you through the OU library website. These can be found by searching the library's online catalog and databases, or by browsing OU's digital collections lists. 

Please contact Laurie, Jackie, or JoAnn for more assistance.

History of Science Collections Librarian

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JoAnn Palmeri
Want to set up a meeting? Email, call or drop by the 5th floor of Bizzell to see if I'm available to chat.

Office: History of Science Collections, 5th floor Bizzell Library (We're open 9-5pm Mon-Fri) | Phone: 405-325-2760 | Email:

For more information, see the History of Science Collections website:

Western History Collections Librarian

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Jackie Reese
University of Oklahoma

Western History Collections

630 Parrington Oval

Room 452

Norman, OK USA 73019