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CQ Almanac

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With the online edition of CQ Almanac, researchers can:

· Access tables, graphs, and charts to help explain congressional issues

· Browse by subject, decade, or by a given year’s table of contents

· Use Policy Tracker to explore a specific topic and track changes

· Save documents or searches for future consultation

CQ Almanac:

Since 1946, CQ Almanac has been the definitive annual reference for studying the U.S. Congress. CQ Almanac organizes, distills, and cross-indexes each full year in Congress and in national politics.

This database provides authoritative coverage of the people, elections, legislation, and controversies in the U.S. Congress from 1945 - Present. CQ Almanac contains accessible, in-depth reviews and analyses of legislation and policy for each year, organized by policy area. It also includes comprehensive roll call votes for all major legislation and an unbiased look at the important issues in a given year.

What it looks like:

Government Documents Librarian

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Who Might be Interested:

  • Scholars
  • Journalists
  • Interested Citizens
  • Students of the U.S. legislative system