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Discover & Discover Local (The Catalog)

Both Discover and Discover Local (the catalog) allow you to find ebooks and printed books housed in Bizzell Memorial Library, the branch libraries, the special collections, the law library, and in storage, which includes the government documents collection. They also list all the journals, magazines, newspapers, microfilm, etc. at these locations. (Discover also lists journal articles, but Discover Local does not.)

Discover Local is a subset of Discover and automatically retrieves only the ebooks, books, journals, magazines, etc. in the locations mentioned above. In Discover (advanced search), to see a list of only the books, you must use the facets, or filters, or, in "advanced search" limit the search to "material type" "book" before hitting search. (See examples of both below.)

Using Filters to Limit to Books in Discover

This is a screenshot showing what the filters look like. To limit to books, you would just click on books, which in this case would bring up 138 titles.

Worldcat: Get Books from Other Libraries

Search the Worldcat database to find books held by other libraries. Worldcat is an international catalog of books and other materials owned by thousands of libraries.

You may borrow (interlibrary loan) materials through the Worldcat database. Interlibrary loan is free! But give yourself time for a book to come through the mail.

Please note that occasionally the Worldcat database indicates that the OU library owns an item when the Local Catalog does not list that item. Usually, the item has been reported lost or missing and is no longer available from our library. Please contact me if you have any questions:

Limiting a Search to Books in Discover

This is how to limit a Discover (advanced search) to just books before clicking the search function. (If this picture is too small please use control, or command, and the + sign to increase the size of the content on this webpage.)