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Reference Basics

The following lists are not comprehensive.  Check the OU Libraries Catalog (search box in left column) for more options using your desired keywords.  For general books containing definitions of terms or overviews of a subject, search for your keywords plus "encyclopedia" or "dictionary".  You may also schedule an appointment to consult with your subject librarian.

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Biology books are located in Bizzell Memorial Library in the following call number locations.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

QH - Natural History / Biology

  • QH 1-278  Natural History
  • QH 301-705  Biology General
  • QH 426-470  Genetics
  • QH 471-489  Reproduction
  • QH 540-549  Ecology
  • QH 573-671  Cell Biology

QL -  Zoology

  • QL 1-355  Zoology General
  • QL 360-599  Invertebrates / Insects
  • QL 614-639 Fishes
  • QL 640-669 Birds
  • QL 671-739 Mammals
  • QL 750-795 Animal Behavior


  • QP Physiology
  • QR Microbiology
  • S Agriculture
  • SF Animal Culture
  • SH Aquaculture
  • SK Hunting/ Wildlife


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