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Biology and Animal Sciences

General Research Practices

Open Science Framework (OSF) is a free and open-source project management tool and data repository, run by the Center for Open Science.

Its flexible file and contributor structure makes it great for managing individual projects, lab management and protocol storage, and for collaborations.  You can link it to services you already use in your projects such as github, Dropbox, or Google Drive, while keeping those documents linked all from one central location easily sharable with collaborators.

OSF has great introductory materials, including written and video tutorials online.  If you'd like to contact a Science Librarian or Research Data Specialist about OSF, please visit our OSF Office Hours 12-1pm in BL2104 (in the DAVIS space) or contact us for an appointment.

Experimental Design and Statistical Thinking

Data Science and Informatics

Statistical Analysis References

Bayesian Statistics

Repeated Measures Designs

Ordination and Principal Components Analysis (PCA)

Experimental Design for Biological Sciences

Experimental Design for Biomedical Science

Experimental Design for Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Biology and Animal Sciences Librarian

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