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Microform Reader/Printers and In-House Microform Collections

This is a guide to help researchers understand the microform area on the 4th Floor outside Government Documents.


Digitizer Instructions

1. Turn on the digitizer: the Power button is located on the right hand side of the monitor.

2. Insert the desired microform (microfiche or microfilm) into the carrier tray.

            For microfilm, see diagram on left machine reel; sometimes it is difficult to load reel, so be patient.

3. Use buttons and dials to make image bigger or smaller and focus.

*You can adjust the size and focus of your image by turning the flat, ridged knobs (located directly above the digitizer lens) to  the left or right, depending on whether you want to increase or decrease the size of the image. This same movement is used  for focusing the image as well.

- The smaller-diametered blue knob adjusts the size of the image.

- The larger-diametered grey knob adjusts the focus of the image.

*To rotate the image, use the grey rotation knob located directly below the teal-colored Start button located on the menu bar on the right side of the digitizer screen.

*To go through microfilm, use the arrows on film tray. The red arrows, to speed through film, only works with tray all the way out.

4. Use the menu bar located immediatetly to the right of the digitizer screen to make any fine adjustments to the quality of your image. Some options include adjusting the contrast of how light or dark your image is or whether the image is recognized as a positive or negative image.

*Use the Print Mode resolution option on the menu to distinguish whether your image is a text, a photo, or something of fine detail. Choosing the best option can impact the quality of your image.

*Use the Film Type Job Recall option to change your image from a positive to a negative. In other words, to reverse the color scheme of your image, changing what is black to white and white to black, select from the three options: auto, nega (negative), or posi (positive).

*It is important to choose from the Print Mode and Film Type options otherwise the digitizer will choose a default mode.

5.  Please do not push buttons randomly, other than what is noted on these instructions.

6. If there is a problem and you want to restart, simply turn machine on and off, to reset it.


Scanning or Printing

  1. To scan an image, begin by making sure the image is centered on the digitizer screen within the confines of the black rectangular outline that appears on the digitizer screen.
  1. Turn the PC on; the Power button is located on the bottom of the monitor. Log in to the computer terminal using your student 4x4 or guest login and password. If you are not OU affiliated you can get a guest pass from the Main Floor Reference Desk.
  1. From the PC Desktop, launch Adobe Acrobat.
  1. At the top left, choose Create; then choose PDF from Scanner.
  1. Choose Black & White Document.
  1. When scanning is done, you have options to: Scan is Complete or Scan More Pages (sheet 2)

    *If you choose: Scan is Complete, go to step 7.

*If you choose: Scan More Pages (sheet 2) move the MR reader pane to the next page you want copied and choose OK, and it will copy it into your current file. You can continue like this until you have what you want.

  1. Once you have finished, you can save your file. You can also save it at any time during this process.
  1. You can save your file in three different ways:

-To the Desktop, to later e-mail to yourself

-To a flash drive, to take with you (you must provide your own flash drive)

-Just print up your saved file

  1. To Save:
    1. Go to File in the top left corner.
    2. Choose Save As.
    3. Name your File.
    4. Designate where to save it; either to your flash drive or the desktop.
    5. Click Save.
  1. Once you have saved what you want, you can print it. The printer is located in the Government Document’s workroom which is open Monday-Friday from 8-5.
  1. Click on the Print icon at the top. The printer name should either be: LIB-GOVDOCS-BW for black & white or LIB-GOVDOCS-CLR for color.
  1. Click OK. Printing will be charged to your OU printing account.
  1. Black & White Printing is free.
  2. The machine prints to the printer inside Government Documents


For problems call the Library Experience Team: 405-325-4018.