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Alternative Textbook Grantees will collaborate with the Office of Open Initiatives on their projects.  The following are what each party will contribute to each project proposal. 


  • Adopt and integrate course materials that are free to students by January 2023
  • Attend an Alternative Textbook Grant orientation
  • License original content created as part of an ATG with an open license excluding those with "NoDerivatives" clauses
  • Archive original content created as part of an ATG in SHAREOK, OU's institutional repository
  • Materials developed as part of an ATG will be done so with an eye towards accessibility consulting with the Disability Resources Center when necessary.
  • Submit a syllabus to the Office of Open Initiatives that clearly declares that course materials can be accessed without cost and without the use of a login.  Completing this marks the completion of the project

Office of Open Initiatives

  • Funding paid to grantee ($250 – $2500)
  • Assistance searching for open educational resources and library materials
  • Host an Alternative Textbook Grant orientation for grantees
  • Copyright and licensing (Creative Commons) guidance
  • Assistance archiving work in SHAREOK
  • Technical assistance in modifying open educational resources
  • Technical assistance in publishing
  • Book cover design
  • DOI assignment
  • ISBN assignment



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