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Two US Government resources that give translated access to selected international broadcasts and publications, 1941-present

The FBIS Database is available from the Government Documents webpage:

Who Might be Interested:

• Journalists
• Interested Citizens
• International Studies Students

FBIS: Foreign Broadcast Information Service

Created by the U.S. intelligence community to benefit policy makers and analysts, the FBIS Daily reports offer foreign views and perspectives on historical events from thousands of monitored broadcasts and publications. FBIS began selecting and translating foreign materials in 1941. The majority of their translations are taken from radio broadcasts and newspapers, but also include some translations from periodicals and journals. Translated into English from more than 50 languages - from Arabic to Swahili - these comprehensive media reports from around the globe include news, interviews, speeches, and editorial commentary.

Activities, events and people covered in these reports include: World War II, Potsdam Conference, Warsaw Pact, Berlin Airlift of 1949, State of Israel Established, Mao Zedong, Berlin Wall,  The United Nations, Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis, The Suez Crisis, Sputnik, Hungarian Uprising, Algerian Independence,  Fidel Castro, etc.

As the legacy of World War II influenced not only European, but world affairs, the unfiltered perspectives available from thousands of non-U.S. sources in FBIS Daily Reports are essential for understanding the broader context and historical background shaping today’s issues and conflicts.

FBIS Database Coverage: 1941-1996

Location of FBIS

Over the years, the format of the FBIS reports has migrated from paper to microfiche to CD-ROM to online, so the FBIS information is located in a number of places in the Library Service Center (LSC) Storage. All of these items must be paged via Sooner Xpress , found here: 

FBIS Locations:
1941-1996/ Internet — Online
1952-1975/ LSC /PrEx 7.10:FBIS-#-# Paper
1975-1996/ LSC / PrEx 7.10:FBIS-#-# Microfiche
1996-2004/ LSC / PrEx 7.10/3: CD-ROM

FBIS Indexing:
1941-1996/ INTERNET Online
1952-1975 /Accessible by date only /LSC
1975-1996/ FBIS microfiche indexes / LSC
1985-1994/ Newsbank FBIS paper indexes/ LSC
1995-1996/ Transdex FBIS paper indexes/ LSC
1996-2004/ FBIS CD-ROM (with index)* / LSC

*These CDs are difficult to use and have copyright issues.

JPRS: Joint Publications Research Service

A similar U.S. federal government service to FBIS was the Joint Publications Research Service (JPRS), which began selecting and translating foreign materials in 1957 and ceased in 1995. The majority of their translations were taken from periodicals and journals, but also included translations from newspapers, press conference briefs, radio broadcasts, and other miscellaneous sources. The more than 100,000 pages of translations produced each year covered topics such as foreign affairs, international relations and military intelligence.

The regions covered include: Africa, Asia, Eastern and Western Europe, Latin America and the Near East.

Examples of JPRS Publications: Collected Works of Mao Tse-Tung, volumes 1-10, Abd-Al-Nasir’s Secret Papers, Vietnam: The Anti-U.S. Resistance War for National Salvation 1954-1975: Military Events

JPRS Database Coverage: 1957-1994

Location of JPRS

The JPRS reports began in paper and then migrated to microfiche. All items are at Library Service Center (LSC) Storage, and must be paged via Sooner Xpress , found here:

JPRS Locations:
1957-1994 /Internet — Online
1958-1976/  LSC / Y3.J 66:13 Microcard
1978-1995 / LSC / PrEx 7.13:#### Microfiche

JPRS Indexing:
1958-1976 /Accessible by date only/ LSC
1978-1995 /JPRS microfiche indexes/ LSC
1990-1995 /Transdex JPRS paper indexes / LSC


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