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HIST 1493 - History of the United States: 1865-Present

What is a Secondary Source?

Secondary sources are the booksjournal articles, and other materials that historians write by using primary source materials, such as contemporary newspaper or magazine accounts, memoirs, government documents, etc.

The boxes below have links to sources that will help you find books and journal articles.

Where To Find Books

If you are looking for a good online textbook for an overview of American history, try The American Yawp.

Where to Find Journal Articles

Reference Materials

Reference materials might be considered a more condensed form of secondary source in that they often give broad overviews of topics. They are useful for background information and often have bibliographies that might help you find sources for further reading.

Please note that your professor may or may not accept a reference article as a source to be cited in your research paper; it's always best to check with the professor or your TA first!

The following are examples of reference materials.