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A Guide to SHAREOK, the institutional repository for higher education institutions in Oklahoma


  • Bulk submission may be negotiated with SHAREOK staff.  Please email us at or contact your liaison librarian if you have a large number of items to deposit to SHAREOK
  • Digitization:  If you require digitization services prior to submission, please email us at or contact your liaison librarian.
  • Author rights consultation:  If you require assistance in determining whether you have the right to deposit an article or other work in SHAREOK, or in negotiating the right to post your work to a webpage, a site such as SSRN or, or into SHAREOK, email us at or contact your liaison librarian.

Contact your Subject Liaison

  • If you would like assistance with depositing content into SHAREOK, please contact your subject liaison; they will be able to help you.
  • Faculty publication analysis:  If you would like assistance in determining which of your previous publications might be eligible for deposit in SHAREOK based on publisher policies, please contact your subject liaison or email