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Galileo's World Resources Guide: About this Guide

Learn More about Galileo's World with these Resources

About this Guide

Use this guide to find books about the people, places, events, and ideas featured in the Galileo's World Exhibit. Whether your interest is art and science, the history of physics, language study, music in the Renaissance, or Galileo's trial  --  you can use this guide as a launching point for further exploration of Galileo's World.  

Learn more about Galileo and his times with resources available through the History of Science Collections and OU libraries. Hover over the tabs above to see individual topics pages.

Dig deeper into available resources using this Research Help page. For tips on searching for original and rare materials in the History of Science Collections see here.

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Scope & Suggestions

Scope of Guide

This guide includes a variety of resources over a broad range of topics related to the Galileo's World Exhibit. Its goal is to guide study and inspire interest in these topics as well as in the broader field of the History of Science, Technology, Medicine. 

The guide is not a comprehensive bibliography, but a selective presentation of resources, mostly books available through OU Libraries.  


Suggest Resources

This is a constantly evolving site. Please send suggestions for resources as well notification of broken links to


Access to Digital Resources

Some materials included in this guide are accessible only to OU faculty, staff and students.

Pages in Guide

Periods & Cultures:  Learn about science, technology and medicine in the era of the Scientific Revolution. Also explore scientific traditions in earlier periods and diverse cultures: the Middle Ages, Antiquity, Islamic civilizations, and more

Crossing Cultures:  Investigate questions of transmission, translation, and transformation of scientific and technological traditions as knowledge and practice move across periods and cultures 

Institutions & Places:  Explore the institutions, societies, and networks within which scientific activities developed and flourished.

Disciplines:  Study the history of scientific disciplines, as well as the connections between fields and the cultural context of intellectual developments

People:  Uncover stories about people you thought you knew; Recover untold stories

More Topics:  Browse here for more topics; Get a sense of the variety of ways scholars have investigated science in relation to history and culture

Explore & Research: Browse this page for research help, reading recommendations, and other tips

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