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Why and How is the Library Reviewing Databases?

The OU Libraries has completed a comprehensive review of subscriptions to databases, with the aim of reducing our annual database spend. This review is a part of the OU Libraries' efforts to address continuing increases in database subscription costs and achieve the budget reductions that the university has mandated through FY20.

In reviewing database subscriptions, the University Libraries considers the following criteria:

  • Resource coverage, specifically overlap and full text availability
  • Resource uniqueness
  • Alternate access options
  • Subject area value
  • Current price and price inflation trend
  • Usage
  • Cost per use
  • Terms of purchase/license
  • Fairness across academic areas; to the greatest extent possible, cancelations will be distributed equitably

A number of databases have been excluded from consideration in the review.  Databases were excluded for the following reasons:

  • The resource is paid by another funding mechanism, such as the Oklahoma Department of Libraries, an academic department, a college, or a gift fund.
  • The resource has been identified as core. 
  • The resource was a one-time purchase, has no cost associated with it, or is open access.
  • The resource is a major reference work included in a current publisher agreement.


Resources Identified for Cancelation

The Libraries has identified the following databases to be canceled throughout the 2019-2020 academic year:

Annual Reviews* Access to all AR titles through 2019 will be retained 1/1/20
Art Index Retrospective 7/1/20
Cabell's Directory of Publishing Opportunities 5/1/20
Columbia Gazetteer 1/1/20
Computing Reviews 12/1/19
Contemporary Authors No new content after 2019; previous content will remain available. 12/31/19
CQ Magazine  3/1/19
Education Index Retrospective 7/1/19
Electronic Enlightenment 1/1/20
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences 1/1/20
Grove Dictionary of Art Online 7/1/20
Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective 7/1/20
Intelex Past Masters:  Aquinas, St. Augustine, Motif-Index only 7/1/19
Journals@Ovid 12/31/20
Library Literature & Information Science Retrospective 7/1/20
Ovid **   7/1/20
Poetry Criticism No new content after 2019; previous content will remain available. 12/31/19
Project Euclid 1/1/20
Shock & Vibration Digest 3/1/20
Short Story Criticism No new content after 2019; previous content will remain available. 12/31/19
Something About the Author No new content after 2019; previous content will remain available. 12/31/19
Worldcat Local Access to WorldCat will be retained. 9/1/19


*The Libraries will continue to subscribe to the most heavily used Annual Reviews titles:  anthropology; ecology, evolution & systematics; political science; sociology; psychology.

**Includes Health and Psychosocial Instruments.

Questions or comments may be directed to your liaison librarian.  While the Libraries will attempt to retain resources for which feedback is received, we must reduce our database spend and thus all feedback wil be weighed against other reductions that would be required to meet our budget reduction target.

Materials Expenditures 2010 - 2018

Since 2010, the proportion of the materials budget that is spent on databases has steadily increased (see the charts below). Our effort is an attempt to slow this increase and to keep us within our materials budget.