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Finding and Researching Law-Related Paper Topics: For Undergraduates

This guide is designed to help students locate legal databases which are useful for identifying paper topics. The full-text legal resources listed below are good starting points for legal research in general.

Full-Text Legal Resources Available Campus-Wide

Legal Research Starting Points

Legal Resources Available Campus-Wide to All Students

LexisNexis Academic Universe

  • Contains the full-text of all cases, statutes, and regulations from all 50 states and the federal government.   Also contains the full-text of many law journal articles from the 1990s to present.


  • Provides access to a comprehensive, image-based collection of legal periodicals. Each journal in the database begins from its inception. Also includes access to code of federal regulations, legal classics, treaties and agreements, U.S. Attorney General opinions, U.S. Federal Legislative History, U.S. Presidential Library, U.S. statutes at large, and the U.S. Supreme Court Library. Full text available.

Google Scholar

  • Google Scholar enables you to search the full-text of court opinions and legal journals available on the Internet.  To search the legal content of Google Scholar, be sure to use the Advanced Scholar Search feature and limit your search to legal opinions and journals.