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Finding Oklahoma Cases on

Oklahoma published court opinions may be accessed free online at, the Oklahoma State Courts Network.  One may type in a case citation in the "Quick Case" search box on the upper left side of the homepage.  Or one can click on the Legal Research link at the top of the homepage, then click on "Oklahoma Cases".  The "Oklahoma Cases" page allows searching with keywords or party names, or one can expand a category of decisions to search through cases listed in chronological order by year of publication.  Each case name in the list is a link to that specific court opinion. is designed to recognize both the Pacific Reporter citation to a case and the Oklahoma public domain citation to a case.  Either of these may be typed into the Quick Case search box.  The public domain citation is not tied to any reporter, but consists only of the year and number of a case.  For example, the first published case decided in 2012 was Dilbeck v. Dilbeck, decided January 17, 2012.  The Oklahoma Supreme Court assigned this case the number 1, because it was the first case in 2012 decided and approved for publication by the Court.  Its public domain citation is simply 2012 OK 1. has Oklahoma Supreme Court decisions from 1890 to present, Oklahoma Court of Criminal Appeals cases from 1908 to present, and Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals cases from 1968 to present.  Also provided are Oklahoma Court on the Judiciary opinions from 1968 to 2002, and decisions from the Oklahoma Judicial Ethics Advisory Panel from 1998 to present.

Official Publisher

"Effective January 1, 2014 the Oklahoma Supreme Court will become the official publisher of decisions of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appeals.  The Oklahoma State Courts Network at shall be the repository of official versions of the published decisions of the Oklahoma Supreme Court and the Oklahoma Court of Civil Appels.  Such decisions will become official upon the placement of the respective court's official seal at the beginning of the published decision."  Supreme Court Rule 1.200(a)(1).