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Call Numbers

M 115 - M 119
Harp Solo

M 272 - M 273
Harp with piano accompainment

M 292 - M 293
Duets - two plectral instruments

M 294 - M 295
Duets - sting and plectral instruments

M 296 - M 297
Duets - wind and plectral instruments

M 1036
Harp concertos with full orchestra

M 1037
Harp concertos usually arranged with piano reduction

M 1136
Harp concertos with string orchestra

M 1137
Harp concertos with string orchestra usually arranged with piano reduction

ML 1005 - ML 1008
history and criticism

MT 540 - MT 548
studies and methods

MT 546
orchestral excerpts

Odom Harp Music Collection

Lawrence Odom was principal harpist at the Kennedy Center Opera House, Washington, D.C. His collection consists of the harp scores for 170 musical compositions that were used when he was a member of the opera house orchestra. Much of the music includes pedaling and other markings as used by Lawrence Odom. This valuable collection is available for examination and study during library hours. Just ask for the "Odom Harp Music Collection" at the circulation counter in the Fine Arts Library.


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Matt Stock
Catlett Music Center, 020
500 W. Boyd St.