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APA PsycTESTS is a research database published by the American Psychological Association that provides access to psychological tests, measures, scales, surveys, and other assessments as well as descriptive information about tests and their development and administration. It can be used to find unpublished tests in full text.

Search Instructions

Users can search by author, journal title, test name, keyword, and a variety of other fields.

Users can also limit the search to a variety of specifications:

  • Fee - most of the tests in APA PsycTESTS are available free of charge, but some have fees associated with them.
  • Test Record Type - in addition to the test record itself, many items have additional supporting information, include test development records, test reviews, test use, and test primary data.
  • Supporting Documentation - some of the items include both test instruments and additional documentation to support their use, e.g., answer sheets, directions, etc.
  • Permissions - many tests may be used for teaching/research purposes; those that do not give blanket permission instruct users to contact the author or publisher. Pay attention to the permissions requirements before using a test.
  • Administration Method
  • Age Group
  • Population Group


View Records

Click the test name to view the full record. It will include a summary of the test and publication information. Many records also include links to full text, supporting documentation, and child records.

Note that the list of results includes quick links to the full record, links to expand the summary, and (if available) links to the full test. However, supporting documentation is only available from the full test record page.

Full Text and Supporting Documentation

Approximately 75% of the tests in APA PsycTESTS include the actual test instrument in full text. Links to full tests are located under Links at the upper right.


Many tests also include supporting documentation, e.g., instructions, answer sheets, etc. Click Supporting Documentation to view what is available. You will see a cover sheet with one or more links to supporting documents listed at the end of the page.


Test Details

Tests in full text begin with cover sheets that provide more information on their contents. In particular, make note of the Test Shown section - records may include the full contents of the test, partial contents, or only sample items. Also, note and adhere to the Permissions.

Child Records

Many test records in APA PsycTESTS include child records that provide additional information on these tests. They include test development records, which describe the development and purpose of the test in detail. These records include fee, permission, and commercial use information and often also include details on the test's reliability and validity. Test review records provide reviews if available. Test use records provide citations to other published articles that used the test.