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The Bass Video Collection provides information on the history of business through documentary films and personal interviews with key business figures. 

  • Andrew Carnegie: A short study of the poor Scottish immigrant who came to America to make his fortune, and created the U.S. steel industry in the process. Films for the Humanities, 1988 
  • C. W. Churchman and Harold Koontz in Dialogue: Professors Churchman and Koontz discuss with students their thoughts on the role of current and emerging managers in relation to changes in social values across diverse cultures. Colorado State University, 1978. 
  • Churchmann, Charles West--An interview with C. West Churchmann: Professor Churchman informally discusses with students his background and philosophy, the major issues in his new book, difficulties in learning management as a discipline, and ethics, morals, and citizenship as these impinge on the future of management. Colorado State University, 1978 
  • Edward W. Cundiff and Charles T. Horngren in Dialogue: Professors Cundiff and Horngren discuss with students the relationships between marketing and accounting, the outlook for marketing of accounting services and accounting for marketing performance. Colorado State University, 1978 
  • Cundiff, Edward W.--An interview with Edward W. Cundiff: Professor Cundiff talks with students about his background and philosophy, and his views on marketing, government regulation, and issues of consumerism. Colorado State University, 1978 
  • Davis, Keith--An interview with Keith Davis: Professor Davis talks with students about organizational communications via the grapevine, the importance of leadership behavior, and the strong effect of environmental elements on organizations. Colorado State University, 1980. 
  • Keith Davis and Rensis Likert in Dialogue: Professors Davis and Likert discuss with students their views on the importance of behavioral science, the effectiveness of "System 4" management style, social responsibility and human resource accounting as an indication of impending socialization of organization. Colorado State University, 1980. 
  • Entrepreneurs: An American Adventure, part IV: Profiles of Andrew Carnegie, Eli Whitney, Samuel Colt, Henry Leland, Henry Ford, Henry J. Kaiser, Eugene Lang, June M. Collier, and Joseph F. Engelberger. International Services Center Productions, 1987. 
  • The Evolution of a Historian: Wren and Bodgetts in Conversation: Presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting, August 1997, Management History Division 
  • Hawthorne Academy 1986. Chesapeake & Potomac Telephone Co. 
  • Hawthorne Interviews, September 9, 1983 
  • Horngren, Charles T-- An interview with Charles T. Horngren:Professor Horngren talks with students about experience in accounting, the role of accounting in relation to other disciplines, and the future of accounting practice in a changing society. Colorado State University, 1978. 
  • J&W Seligman Business History Collection Presentation 10/23/87 by Fed E. Brown to President Horton and Dean Lee and the Bass Collection. 
  • Job Security: In a speech before the Academy of Management entitled "Leading a legend into the next century," Donald Hastings, chairman and CEO of Lincoln Electric Company, spoke about downsizing in American companies and the loss of job security for employees. Lincoln Electric has not laid off an employee in over forty years. Purdue University Public Affairs Video Archives, [1996] 
  • Koontz, Harold--An Interview with Harold Koontz: Provides some understanding of a major contributor to industrial management theory and gives insight to the personality behind the writings. Colorado State University, 1978 
  • Likert, Rensis--An interview with Rensis Likert: Professor Likert discusses with students his management system for achieving high performance goals, the importance of supportive relationships in management practice, and specialized survey methods. Colorado State University, [1979] 
  • Lincoln Electric--A 60 Minutes segment on this company's pay and incentive programs, c1992. 
  • Love Those Trains: An affectionate look at trains and their history and sociology. Takes rides on notable trains of the world, including the John Bull and the Orient Express. National Geographic Society, c1992, c1984. 
  • Luca Pacioli: Unsung hero of the Renaissance: Follows Pacioli's development through friendships with a broad range of Renaissance notables. Shows the interplay of science, art, mathematics and commerce which led to the development of accounting. Pacioli Society : South-Western Publishing, 1990. 
  • Management Horizons Contributes to Bass Collection 
  • John Mee and J. Fred Weston in Dialogue: Professors Mee and Weston discuss with students alternative strategies of college education for business careers, the importance of practical experience and job training for employment or entrepreneurial activities, and the significance of management and finance in an industrial society. Colorado State University, 1978. 
  • Peter Drucker: Peter Drucker talks with Bill Moyers about how current trends in presidential leadership, international relations, and economic and military policy are shaping America's future. They discuss Japan's economic success and the changing nature of work in the technological age. Films for the Humanities, 1994. 
  • The Quest of the one best way: The original films of Frank B. Gilbreth: Covers the film studies made by the creator of motion study. [1989] 
  • A Question of Management: Reviews the history of management theory and practice, covering the four major management approaches: scientific management, administration management, human relations, and systems approaches.Salenger Film/Video, 1986. 
  • Retail Intelligence System 1998 Spring Management Conferece Great Debates in Retailing. 
  • Shell annual report, 1950. 
  • Trist, E.L. Eric Trist Interview, 1987 
  • Trist, E.L. Gulity of Enthusiasm: Eric Trist Remembers, 1991 
  • Urwick, Lyndall F--Urwick on the Management Pioneers: Urwick's memories and his evaluation of the contribution of pioneers : Frederick W. Taylor, Mary Parker Tollett, and Benjamin Seebohm Rowntree [1977?] 
  • Urwick, Lyndall Fownes--Urwick on Urwick: Urwick reminisces on his family, education, work in the family firm, and later Rowntree's firm. He also comments on his ideas about organization and management theory and how they evolved over his career as a businessman and consultant. [West Pennant Hills, Australia : R.R. Collins Productions, 1977?] 
  • Weston, John Frederick--An Interview with J. Fred Weston: Professor Weston discusses with students strategy in preparing for a career, the changing trends in size of economic organizations, government intervention and regulation in business, the inflationary outlook and international economics. Colorado State University, 1978 
  • Worthy & Greenwood in Conversation: A Management career in Review: Presented at the Academy of Management annual meeting, August 1996. 
  • The Year They Discovered People: A documentary on employee attitudes within the Western Electric Company over the past fifty years, indicating advances and opportunities which have resulted. Features recollections of participants in the Hawthorne Studies of the 1920's, film footage, photographs, and recreations of factory conditions, 1974. 

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