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How to do a literature review

This guide will help you do a literature review as either a stand-alone project or as part of a dissertation, thesis, or other research project.

Finding OU dissertations - Using the ShareOK repository

The ShareOK repository provides electronic full text of dissertations written by OU doctoral students. Currently, more than 6000 OU dissertations are included, and this number increases every semester as additional students complete their doctoral work.

Search tips

If you're looking for dissertations written by students in your discipline, enter the name of your department or program in the search box, in quotation marks -- for example, "Department of Economics" or "School of Geology and Geophysics."

If you're looking for dissertations supervised by a particular faculty member, enter their name in the search box -- for example, "Tom Boyd" or "Jill Irvine."

For more information, visit the ShareOK Guide.