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Equipment loans are limited to current University of Oklahoma faculty, staff, and students with a valid OU ID and no blocks on their library record. Those not affiliated with OU may not borrow equipment even if hey have borrowing privileges for print materials. 

Equipment may be checked out from the time the Library opens until fifteen minutes before closing. Items are due fifteen minutes before closing and must be handed to a library employee at the service desk. Equipment may not be returned in the book drop.

Equipment may not be renewed.

The borrower is responsible for the care of the equipment from the time it has been checked out until it is returned to a library employee. Lost or damaged equipment will be billed at the replacement cost of the item plus a processing fee of $10.00 -- $25.00 per item.

There is a $1.00/hour fine for equipment that is returned late. There is no grace period.

It is the borrower’s responsibility to delete all files from the equipment before it is returned.  You will be asked to show that files have been deleted when checking equipment in. Equipment will not be checked in until all files have been deleted.

Library employees will not provide technical support or instruction on using this equipment.



This loan program is meant to provide access to these technologies, but not necessarily instruction in them. The library staff can provide only limited support for these tools. Users are encouraged to review the information on the manufacturers' websites for detailed operating information. These websites are linked from the the description of each item in this guide.


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