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OU Libraries Resources

Recommended Databases

The databases listed below are great starting points for most research topics! You can access them from this research guide, or you can save them to your My Library page on the OU Libraries' website. 

Recommended Research Guides

OU Libraries Research Guides will help you find specialized databases as well has search tips and citation help.

Internet Resources

Recommended Internet Resources

Evaluating Internet Resources

Using internet resources for your research can be tricky because of the amount of information available, so careful evaluation is needed. Before you begin using the internet for your research, think about your information need. If you put your information need into the context of your research assignment, then this will help you understand what types of sources you need to find. 

Use these tips to help you evaluate internet sources for credibility:

  • Look to see if an author and/or publication date is listed.

Screenshot of an online news article with a publication date and author listed.

  • Look to see if an editor, an editorial statement, or a submission guideline is listed.

Screenshot of an online web article with an editor listed and a link to an editorial statement page.

Screenshot of an editorial statement page.

  • Look for author affiliations.

Screenshot of a web article that lists author affiliations.

  • Watch out for biased opinion statements.

Screenshot of a web article that has, "It was a huge failure" as a bias statement in the subtitle.

Evaluating Internet Resources Handout