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Research as Information Creation

As you move forward in your academic career – as a researcher, creating new information from others' previous works – it is your responsibility to understand and exercise agency over your own research conduct.

"Science has the power to illuminate, but not to solve, the deeper problems of mankind. For always after knowledge come choice and action, both of them intensely personal."

Professor Paul B. Sears, University of Oklahoma
Deserts on the March (Bizzell Memorial Library GF 503 .S42 1980)

Your research activities at OU are governed by preexisting ethical and legal systems. When the intellectual property of others – and even your own if it is from a previous project or assignment – informs your research, responsible and integritous academic conduct means providing attribution and accurate citations. In today's world, conversations about intellectual property and how we conduct research are enriched by collaboration and the sharing of resources between researchers, too, like Open movements or data reuse and licensing

Thankfully, OU provides resources to help you navigate these foundations of scholarship:

Understanding Research Practices

The list below includes articles, books, and websites available to the OU community. These resources delve into the research process from a variety of perspectives. Our hope is that the readings and references listed serve as tools for students and faculty alike, plus scientists and scholars at large and at any point or place in their careers. Have a question? Or maybe you have a reference you’d like to see added to the list? Please feel free to email the STEM Services Team at the University of Oklahoma Libraries at

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