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Database Basics

Databases are commercial products designed to help researchers FIND information.

OU Libraries is the one responsible for ACCESS to articles.  We pay for full-text in more ways than just databases, so if you don't see the full-text in the database select OU Link to Article.

OU Link to Article will connect you to other full-text options, let you search the catalog, or use Interlibrary Loan to obtain the article if we don't own it.



Looking for articles?
  • If you need lots of articles on a topic, use the databases listed above to search
  • If you just need one article, or want to browse articles, check out some of the recommended journals below

Web of Science Searches

Start your research with Web of Science

  • Search peer-reviewed articles from all areas of science, including zoology and ecology
  • Find more articles by following links to cited references

Topic Search

Search for a specific article

Search for a specific article by specifying the author, title, or other citation information

Citation Tracking

If you find an article you like, you can find more like it by reading the articles it cites, and the articles that have cited it.

  • Times Cited links you to the articles that have cited this one. This will show you more recent articles that have built upon the one you just found.
  • Cited References links you to the articles that this article cited in its bibliography.

Science Librarian

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