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Popular Magazine Titles (Historical)

This page lists some popular magazine titles, with links to their catalog records or to digital editions. 
Also see this page, listing databases that index or contain the full text of magazines.
  • Titles may be in paper, on microfilm or microfiche, online through a database, or otherwise digitized. Sometimes one title has issues in all these formats!
  • Most links to the catalog are to more than one catalog record. You can't tell what years the library owns just by looking at the list of titles. For example, the date, 1921-2001, prominently displayed with the title McCall's, doesn't indicate what the library owns. It tells you when the periodical was published under this exact title. (Screenshot of link to McCall's catalog records below.)
    • To figure out what the library owns, you must click on one of titles to see the full catalog record. Once there, look just below the blue bar that says "sign-in for more options" to see what issues/years/volumes we own. Below is a screenshot of the first McCall's catalog record in the screenshot above. We own various issues from 1951-1976, and they are at call number TT 500 .M2. You would need to click on the second catalog record of McCall's to see what issues are available on microfiche. Sometimes the microfiche fills in gaps in paper holdings.
  • Please note that issues may be missing from any format and that paper copies may be very fragile.
  • Nearly all microfilm is now in storage. Use Sooner Xpress to retrieve microforms from storage.
Dates, below, may not be inclusive. Check the individual catalog records.