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OU Libraries is proud to partner with departments and organizations to publish faculty-driven, peer-reviewed open access journals. Journals are published using Open Journal Systems (OJS), a collaborative, open source journal management software developed and maintained by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) and used widely by institutions and communities around the globe.

OU Libraries currently publishes and archives 10 journals covering a range of topics in the social science and humanities fields, including architecture, forensic social work, higher education athletics, music, performing arts, politics, race and ethnicity, single-case studies, writing, and young adult literature. Our publications are all freely available to view online and download. Depending on the Creative Commons (CC) license applied to an article, readers may also be able to re-use and adapt the content. Each journal displays specific licensing information on their respective websites.

We seek partners that wish to publish original, scholarly content in a timely and consistent manner, and are made up of nationally and internationally recognized editorial boards. We are committed to hosting publications that cover unique and underrepresented fields and topics. Use the tabs on the left side of the page to explore our portfolio, learn more about our publishing services, or get started with your own publication.

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