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SUR (1931-1992).

SUR is one of the most important and influential literary magazines published in Latin America in the twentieth century. This collection includes images of the complete magazine, including covers, photographs and advertisements, more than 50,000 pages; a comprehensive electronic index of 6,300 entries, correcting mistakes and inconsistencies found in the index published in the magazine; and a set of images of manuscripts from the first issue as well as an unpublished set of letters by Victoria Ocampo.

Founded in 1931 by Argentine intellectual Victoria Ocampo (1890-1979), SUR is well known throughout Latin America and Europe. Over its long and distinguished history, SUR featured the writings of the leading figures in literature, philosophy, history and the plastic arts not only from Latin America, but also from North America and Western Europe. Contributors included LeCorbusier, Lacan, Sarte, and Woolf; and Argentine authors include Borges, Cortázar, Silvinia Ocampo, and Bioy Casares. Through Ocampo's social commentary and choice of contributors, she advanced an Argentine version of Liberalism at a time when most Latin Americans confronted reactionary regimes, military rule, economic chaos and demagogues.

Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis)

Several news and trade publications dated no earlier than 1980 up to the present can be accessed from Nexis Uni (formerly LexisNexis Academic). Nexis Uni offers full text of most articles appearing in the original print format, but in plain text and usually without illustrations. To browse periodicals from particular Spanish-speaking country, click here and then narrow by "jurisdiction." Select the information icon by a source title to see what years are covered.

When searching Nexis Uni for more than one term, enter your connectors (e.g. AND, OR, NOT) in English, even when your search terms are in Spanish. For example: Republica Dominicana AND turismo. Note that it is not necessary to use diacriticals.

Newspapers and Magazines Online

Latin American Literature Today has news and reviews of current Latin American writing. In English and Spanish.

Multilingual Books provides links to the websites of Spanish-language newspapers, as well as to Internet radio and television, e-books in the public domain, and much more. NOTE: commercial site, but with links to free content.

Historical Newspapers