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Ethical Leadership --- finding background information

It's easy to find information on the internet, but not all information is equally useful. Look at the Articles to Explore, below, and ask yourself:

Who wrote it?

Does the site tell you who the author is? How easy is it to find out the author’s qualifications?

What organization or business hosts the site?

A magazine, newspaper, or research journal? A university? A business? A non-profit organization? Something else?

Why does this article exist?

Someone wrote it for a reason. Did they want to inform you? Help you perform a task? Convince you of some idea? Sell a product or service to you?  

Who might find this article useful?


Articles to explore: 


  1. What does it mean to be an ethical leader?
  2. A new model for ethical leadership
  3. What is ethical leadership? Attributes, traits, and examples 
  4. Eight characteristics of an ethical leader  
  5. Ethical leadership: The effect on employees
  6. How to be an ethical leader: Ten tips for success  
  7. The effects of authentic leadership, moral potency, and leadership virtues on ethical leadership among managers working in financial sector organizations  
  8. Ethical leadership in a complex world   
  9. What is ethical leadership?    
  10. The importance of being an ethical leader and how to become one