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PBIO 3534 -- Flowering Plants

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Plant Science books are located in Bizzell Memorial Library in the following call number locations.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

  • QK 1-989          Botany
  • QK 640-707      Plant Anatomy
  • QK 710-899      Plant Physiology
  • QK 900-989      Plant Ecology
  • QH 1-278.5       Natural History
  • QH 301-705      General Biology
  • QH 359-425      Evolution
  • QH 540-549.5   Ecology
  • S        Agriculture
  • SB     Plant Culture


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Plant Biology Librarian

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Claire Curry
Bizzell Memorial Library 236

Popular Treatments of Microbiology and Plant Biology

These popular treatments should not be cited as primary or scholarly sources, but can be a great place to get inspiration, a general understanding of a topic, or find additional references.