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TR5                     General works (directories, dictionaries, congresses)
TR6-14                 Photographic exhibitions
TR15                   General history of photography
TR21-127             Photography by country divisions
TR140                 Biographies of individual photographers
TR146-147           Handbooks, manuals, etc.
TR148                 Photographic amusements, Trick photography, special effects
TR179                 Photographic composition
TR183                 Psychology, aesthetics of photography
TR185                 Photographic addresses, essays, lectures
TR189                 Photographic criticism
TR199                 Photographic catalogs, general
TR267                 Digital photography
TR268                 Pinhole photography
TR269                 Instant photography
TR287-500           Photographic processing, darkroom techniques
TR501                 Photograph Albums
TR504                 Transparencies, diapositives
TR510-545           Color photography
TR550                 Studio and laboratory
TR575                 Portrait photography, general works
TR590                 Lighting
TR620                 Interiors


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