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  • M 20-M32 Music for piano alone
  • M 23 Sonatas
  • M 24 Suites
  • M 27 Variations
  • M 32.8-M39 Arrangements for piano
  • M 200-M204 Piano, 4 hands
  • M 207-M213 Arrangements for 4-hand piano
  • M 214-M216 2-piano music
  • M 1010 Piano with orchestra (full score)
  • M 1011 Piano with orchestra (2-piano reduction)
  • M 1110 Piano with string orchestra (full score)
  • M 1111 Piano with string orchestra (2-piano reduction)
  • ML 128.P3 Piano music–Bibliography
  • ML 132.P3 Piano music–Graded lists
  • ML 650-ML747 General: history and construction; music and playing
  • MT 130-MT145 Analytical guides to piano music
  • MT 220-MT258 Piano techniques (including teaching materials)
  • MT 745-MT758 Instruction and study for children

Reference Books

Comeau, Gilles.  Piano Pedagogy:  A Research and Information Guide.  Reference ML 128 .P3 C66 2009

Hinson, Maurice.  Guide to the Pianist's Repertoire.  3rd ed.  Reference ML 128 .P3 H5 2000.

Hinson, Maurice.  Music for More Than One Piano: An Annotated Guide.  Reference ML 128 .P3 H52 2001           

Hinson, Maurice.  The Pianist's Dictionary. Reference, ML 102 .P5 H46 2004.

Magrath, Jane.  The Pianist's Guide to Standard Teaching and Performance Literature. Reference ML 128 .P3 M24 1995.



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