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Call Numbers

  • M 20-M32 Music for piano alone
  • M 23 Sonatas
  • M 24 Suites
  • M 27 Variations
  • M 32.8-M39 Arrangements for piano
  • M 200-M204 Piano, 4 hands
  • M 207-M213 Arrangements for 4-hand piano
  • M 214-M216 2-piano music
  • M 1010 Piano with orchestra (full score)
  • M 1011 Piano with orchestra (2-piano reduction)
  • M 1110 Piano with string orchestra (full score)
  • M 1111 Piano with string orchestra (2-piano reduction)
  • ML 128.P3 Piano music–Bibliography
  • ML 132.P3 Piano music–Graded lists
  • ML 650-ML747 General: history and construction; music and playing
  • MT 130-MT145 Analytical guides to piano music
  • MT 220-MT258 Piano techniques (including teaching materials)
  • MT 745-MT758 Instruction and study for children



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Matt Stock
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500 W. Boyd St.