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Focus of this Guide

The focus of this guide is to provide a broad overview of resources available to researchers of Federal Indian, tribal, and indigenous peoples law issues.  Tribal law is notably distinct from federal Indian law. Federal Indian law concerns the relationship between federal, state, and tribal governments, while tribal law is the law tribes develop and apply to their members and territories.

Because many of the resources available to research Federal Indian law are similar to the resources used to research other areas of the law, less emphasis is placed on Federal Indian Law research.

While some detail is provided, users of the guide should remember that this guide is introductory in nature and focuses primarily on more widely available electronic resources and resources available at the University of Oklahoma Donald E. Pray Law Library.

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law

Available on Lexis+

Felix S. Cohen's Handbook of Federal Indian Law
Available on Lexis+

Treatises and Study Aids

Books on Federal Indian Law

Case Books

Reference Sources

Books by Leading Practitioners

Subject Headings for Searching in Online Library Catalog

Indians of North America (WITH A SUBHEADING)

   --Legal status, laws, etc.
   --Government relations
Politics and government        

Tribal government--United States

Indigenous peoples