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Digital Resources for the Humanities

A guide to electronic text and image collections of use to scholars in the Humanities.


The University of Oklahoma provides access to several on-line collections of primary and secondary souce material relating to the humanities and fine arts. They range in subject matter from underground comics to streaming independent films to historical documents. The object of this guide is to highlight digital collections that present rare material in a manner that is both scholarly and enjoyable to use. It is not comprehensive. Please note that many of these resources are licensed for use only by current OU students, faculty, and staff and require a 4x4 login to access them. Resources from the open web are also included here.

This guide was created and is maintained by Liorah Golomb, Humanities Librarian, University of Oklahoma, with contributions from Sarah Wilson, MLIS-School of Library and Information Science, University of Oklahoma. See other guides created by OU librarians for helpful links and information on many topics.

This is a constantly evolving site. Please send your suggestions or report broken links to Liorah Golomb.


New! The New York Review of Books is now available online, providing fully digitized content from 1963 to the present. The NYRB publishes articles, essays, and reviews of books on a variety of subjects including literature, culture, the arts, economics, science, and current affairs.