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Textbooks on Reserve

The high cost of textbooks can be an unexpected expense for college students. To help reduce these costs, the OU Library maintains a "Textbooks on Reserve" collection in Bizzell Library. The collection includes many (but not all) of the textbooks that are required for undergraduate classes, and they can be borrowed for up to four hours at a time. See this page for more information about borrowing textbooks from the OU Libraries.

If the library does not have a textbook you are required to have for a class, see this list of options for acquiring your textbooks.

What else can I borrow from the library?

In addition to books and textbooks, students can borrow many different types of technology (laptops and chargers, calculators, cameras, and much more!) from the OU Libraries. See this page for more information about the Technology Lending program.

Resources for English as a Second Langage (ESL)

The OU Library's online guide to ESL resources lists many different free resources. Check out the guide at!