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The OTL Collection and Contact Information

Entrance doorway to the OTL

  • The Oklahoma Transportation  Library (OTL) collection is owned by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation. The collection is managed by the OU Gallogly College of Engineering via a State Planning and Research contract. 
  • The OTL collection is located in Carson Engineering Center, room 213, on the main OU campus. 
  • The OTL is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Please call ahead (405-325-5960) to chat with a librarian about availability.
  • The OTL welcomes patron questions via e-mail ( This address is monitored throughout the day.


Meet the Staff

Michael Molina is the head librarian at the Oklahoma Transportation Library. He received his PhD from the University of Oklahoma in 2017 and has served as the librarian for OTL since March 2017. He previously worked at the Metropolitan Library System in Oklahoma City from 2013-2018 as a public computer specialist and associate librarian.

Katie Widmann is a librarian at the OTL. She is a graduate of the MLIS program at OU and has served as librarian since September 2022.

Sharise Whitney is OTL's library assistant. She is an undergraduate student pursuing a degree in pre-med from OU and has served as OTL's library assistance since September 2019.