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The primary database for conducting research on literature and related areas is the MLA International Bibliography (MLAIB). It indexes books, articles, and websites on literary theory and criticism, dramatic arts (film, radio, television, theater), folklore, and the history of printing and publishing. Book reviews are not included. 

OU subscribes to the MLAIB through EBSCO, so the interface may look familiar to you. However, the database has certain unique features.

  • Search indexes such as genre, literary technique, literature topic, primary subject author, and primary subject work.
  • Build your search using the database's Thesaurus.
  • Use the Names as Subjects feature when you're not sure how to spell a name or whether to use a pseudonym.

Since the MLA is indexed in English it is usually better to search in English even if you want material in another language.

ARTStor Images

The Mummer, Bear (1911)-Alexandre Benois

costume design for Stravinsky's ballet "Petruska."

Playing Card from Kronstadt (1920)-Vladimir Ivanovič Kozlinskij


Six-Winged Seraph (1915)-Natalia Goncharova

costume design for the ballet "Liturgy"

Lovers Under a Red Tree (1966)-Marc Chagall

oil on canvas

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For a step-by-step explanation of how to get an article you've found in a database, see this guide.