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SHAREOK is the institutional repository shared by Oklahoma higher education institutions and serves as home to the intellectual output of Oklahoma's higher education communities. Items in SHAREOK include digital dissertations and theses, faculty publications, research data, open educational resources, unique departmental or institutional resources, and more. Some of the goals of SHAREOK include:

  • to provide open access to the research and creative activity done at OU
  • to create global visibility and showcase OU's scholarly research and creative activity
  • to store and preserve other digital assets from OU stakeholders, including unpublished or otherwise easily lost "grey" literature
  • to allow the OU community to share the scholarly content they wish to share, such as slide decks, articles, teaching and learning materials, syllabi, etc.
  • to assist OU scholars in complying with grant-funded mandates to make research and creative outputs openly available
  • to help ensure the long term preservation of research and creative outputs done at OU