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Named Collections

This page provides overviews of named collections within the History of Science Collections.  To identify materials in these collections, search OU Libraries online catalog Discover Local using search terms that include the donors names.

Paul E. Klopsteg Archery Collection


The Paul E. Klopsteg Collection contains books, journals, photographs,  correspondence and ephemera covering a range of topics related to archery. The Collection includes items written by Klopsteg, including his personal copy of Turkish Archery and the Composite Bow (1934). There are also several books which include a book plate with Klopsteg’s name or which have notes or inscriptions written on their pages by Klopsteg, the author, or a previous owner.

Of the over 600 works collected, nearly 60 are from the 1800s, 7 from the 1700s, 4 from the 1600s and 5 date back to the 1500s (including a woodcut from Muenster’s Cosmographia). While the majority of the collection is in English, there are also works in French, German, Japanese, Turkish, and Arabic.

James G. Harlow Collection

The Harlow Collection is a collection of books in the history of science given in the memory of James G. Harlow Senior.  There is a printed catalog for the collection: