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Geology and Geophysics Databases


This database is the primary database for geoscience literature.  Materials indexed include journal articles, books, maps, conference papers, theses, dissertations, and government reports.  It covers the geology of North America from 1785 to the present and the geology of the rest of the world from 1933 to the present.


Geological Guidebooks of North America

Includes references to geologic field trip guidebooks.  Field trip guidebooks are a significant contribution to geoscience literature and are often the most current or only synopsis of an area's geology.



Provides access to 46 full-text peer-reviewed journals.



Indexes papers from the Society of Petroleum Engineering.  The database includes technical documents and journal articles serving the oil and gas exploration and production industry.


Petroleum Abstracts

Provides access to abstracts of published scientific and technical knowledge related to oil and gas exploration and production.


American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Datapages

Includes full-text of AAPG publications, including the AAPG Bulletin, AAPG Memoirs, and other series.  Also provides full-text of selected journals and geological society publications.


What's a Database?

A database is a collection of data organized so you can search it (for example, by title, by author, or by subject).  

It's a good place to start to look for references to articles, books, etc.

The OU Libraries provides access to more than 300 databases.  Most of these databases focus on a specific subject or discipline.  Each database may be arranged differently and may include different types of data. Many of the databases in the geosciences index the following types of materials:

  • Journal articles
  • Books
  • Maps
  • Conference papers
  • Master's theses and PhD dissertations
  • Government reports (U.S., state, and international)

Some databases provide full-text and some don't.  If the database you're searching doesn't include full-text, use: