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Geological Field Trip Guidebooks

Field trip guidebooks:

  • Are a significant contribution to geoscience literature 
  • Are often the most current or only synopsis of an area's geology  
  • Allow a reader to replicate the trip through a road log or GPS stop locations  
  • Are frequently published as part of a series, e.g., Oklahoma Geological Survey Guide book 

Search in Discover Local for a guidebook by:

  • title
  • author
  • series name

OU Geology/Geophysics Theses and Dissertations

  • OU geology and geophysics theses and dissertations are shelved alphabetically by author's last name in the Youngblood Energy Library. You do not need a call number.

  • Don't know the author's name?  Search the library catalog, Discover Local, by title or subject.  You can limit your search to:   Material Type:  Dissertations.

  • PhD dissertations are available in electronic format (full-text) through the library catalog, Discover Local, or through SHAREOK, the OU/OSU institutional repository.


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Know Your Call Numbers

Geology and Geophysics Call Numbers:

  • QC 801- QC 809  Geophysics
  • QC 811- QC 849  Geomagnetism
  • QE  Geology
    • QE 351 - QE 399.2  Mineralogy
    • QE 420 - QE 499 Petrology
    • QE 521 - QE 545 Volcanoes and earthquakes
    • QE 601 - QE 613.5 Structural geology
    • QE 640 - QE 699 Stratigraphy
    • QE 701 - QE 760  Paleontology

Related Subjects:

  • QB  Astronomy
  • QC  Physics
  • QD  Chemistry
  • TA  Engineering (general)
  • TN  Mining engineering

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