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Yoga at the Sam Noble



Yoga at the Sam Noble

OU Fitness Facilities - Norman

OU Health Club - Oklahoma City

OU Counseling Services

OU Goddard Counseling

  • Costs & Insurance: Only OU’s student health plan insurance is accepted—those with outside insurance are charged a fee of $10 for individual counseling and $25 for an initial intake appointment.
  • Access: 8am-5pm Monday through Friday
  • Location: 620 Elm Ave, Rm. 201, Norman, OK 73019.
  • How to make appointments: Call 405-325-2911 during business hours or visit their office on the second floor of the Goddard Health Center.
  • For information about Crisis Services visit

OU Counseling Psychology Clinic

  • Costs & Insurance: “Fees for counseling services are determined based on a sliding scale, depending on income and number of dependents. Assessment service fees depend on specific assessment needs. Payment is expected when services are delivered. Checks must be made out to the University of Oklahoma. Cash and VISA or MasterCard payments are also accepted.”
  • Access: Monday through Thursday. During summer, Saturday mornings are also available.
  • Location: 3200 Marshall Ave, Norman, OK 73019
  • Making appointments: Call 405-325-2914 during business hours.

OU Behavior Intervention Team

Behavior Intervention Team

(405) 325-7700 /

Is someone you know experiencing...

  • a decline in work or academic performance;
  • demonstrating disruptive or disturbing behavior;
  • showing dramatic changes in appearance, behavior or weight; 
  • having problems at home, with classes or work;
  • abusing alcohol or drugs;
  • making disturbing comments in coversation, posts, tweets, papers or emails;
  • struggling with health problems;
  • frequently angry or easily frustrated;
  • isolating themselves sociallysad, anxious or experiencing dramatic mood shifts?

Be aware. Show you care. Contact BIT. Your confidential call / email can make a difference.

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