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Financial Literacy Definition

9 Things Icon"Being financially successful is not about having the most money, but getting the most out of the money you have."

Brad Burnett  

9 Things Every College Student Should Know About Money

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Nine Things Every College Student Should Know About Money is a two credit hour OU personal finance course offered through University College. The classroom experience is offered fall and spring semesters, with online courses available during winter/spring  and summer sessions.

This course is specifically designed to teach personal financial management skills necessary to make good financial decisions over your lifetime. Topics include; savings, investing, student loans, credit cards, credit reports, identity theft, entrepreneurship, wealth creation, and your legacy. The goal of the course is to develop financially literate students who will be fiscally secure today and in the future. 

OU Resources

Visit these websites for more information about the services and many financial resources available at OU.

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Resource Availability

The resources included in this guide are a combination of OU-specific and open web resources.

OU students, faculty, and staff can sign in through the OU Libraries’ home page to access subscriptions for certain books, newspapers, and magazines.

OU guests may access OU subscription based resources by obtaining a guest login from the help desk in Bizzell Memorial Library's Computer Lab and signing into any computer located in Bizzell Memorial Library.

For all others, these resources may be accessible through your local public library. If you live, work, or attend a university in Cleveland County (like OU), you can get a library card at the Pioneer Library System.